The Random Tea House

The other afternoon, Audrey and I went over to this new indie tea cafe around the corner from our house called “The Random Tea Room” at 4th and Brown. We drank a pot of, hands down, the best chai I have ever had (save the first time I ever had chai – homemade goodness in Northern Thailand – but that’s a long story for another post). They’ve got a big, warm pot brewing all the time, full of some intense spice love. If you’re a fan of the creamy darkness, best high tail it over there soon!

The Random Tea House
The Random Tea House
The Random Tea House

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  • Ashid

    I agree 100%. The Chai is magnificent. The Random Tea Room is 2nd favorite place in Philly. (1st place Love Park in spring.) Becky is a wonderful person, Jor really is "The Tea Master", Meade is the mellow fellow, Anne is always making me laugh, and I just love Izzy! Try the Hojichi, mmmmm!

  • Thanks, Ashid - yeah, I totally love this place.

  • that looks delicious right now.

  • Mmmm, that chai looks delicious! Intelligent Travel sends you link love, Poverty Jet Set!

  • i could be wrong, but i think it's the same people who have the amazing teahouse on the downtown mall in charlottesville? either way, super awesome.

    (maybe i just subconsciously miss charlottesville?)

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